[antlr-interest] Does an actual repository exist for antlr?

Wincent Colaiuta win at wincent.com
Fri Sep 7 05:30:23 PDT 2007

El 7/9/2007, a las 14:11, Roger Jack escribió:

>>> I can give anybody that wants one a direct p4 account to read  
>>> directly.
> I think that there might be significant benefit to the community in  
> moving
> the antlr sources, language targets, and sample grammars into a  
> SourceForge
> project. Of course, the project website site would still be  
> antlr.org. This
> would make have the following benefits:
> 1) Download various sources via subversion/cvs which is used in  
> most open
> source projects. This would also eliminate the slow downloads that  
> sometimes
> occur on the antlr.org website.
> 2) Provide a well defined mechanism for make code contribution and  
> patches
> to all sources.
> 3) Provide many different mail groups for developer, users,  
> announcements,
> etc.
> Does anybody else agree?

The problem with Subversion/CVS is that they suck at branching and  
merging, and that's precisely that reason why Ter uses Perforce (very  
good at branching/merging). Although I would love universal anonymous  
access to the source code repo, switching to either Subversion or CVS  
would be a backwards step.

However, a Subversion-based *mirror* of the Perforce repo would be  
fine. Git would be even better (faster, better tools).


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