[antlr-interest] MSBUILD/Vs2008

Jim Idle jimi at temporal-wave.com
Fri Oct 9 15:01:19 PDT 2009

VS is pretty good at just allowing you to exclude file from source code while making them part of the project, I do it all the time. Add to the project, select source control, select remove from source control. Then take a look at the project file to see how it annotates it - I would think that MSBUILD can do that without having to name the files in advance? Or no?

Why does everyone think it is such a good idea to configure build tools with XML? It's a bloody stupid idea.


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> I thought about that, but then you run into a problem if you want the
> generated source files visible in your project. As soon as you add the
> files to the project, Visual Studio starts pestering you to add them to
> source control. I don't add the .tokens files to source control, but I
> generally do like having the *Lexer/*Parser.cs files available. I'm
> certainly open to any kind of suggestions (project/MSBUILD targets
> files
> and/or Visual Studio extension ideas for my language service package)
> for easing the integration of grammars into Visual C# projects.
> Sam
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> At 12:20 8/10/2009, Sam Harwell wrote:
> >*         Create a working Clean target (which
> >carries over to Rebuild). For this to work with
> >source control, I need to make sure that:
> >o   The generated code files are not written to
> >disk if their contents haven't changed.
> >o   The same source file always generates the
> >same output file, which means removing relative
> >paths and timestamps from the comments.
> Or, you know, you could just exclude the
> generated files from source control.  Provided
> that all developers have access to ANTLR (and can
> thus rebuild it) -- which they'd need anyway if
> it's integrated into the project like this --
> then there's no need for the generated files to
> be in source control.  They can just be
> regenerated whenever required.

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