[antlr-interest] Resetting the Lexer and Parser in C-Target

Jim Idle jimi at temporal-wave.com
Tue Jan 5 23:46:03 PST 2010

Yes, the next release [of the C runtime] generates a reuse() method for all components of the sequence and reuses all memory allocations. This is a big performance win if you have many inputs to parse. Also, the next release has a universal input stream that deals with UTFxx (with or without BOM) and EBCDIC. This release is a good few weeks away yet though and is tied to ANTLR v3 using ANTLR v3 for the various recognizers.


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> Hi,
>     I have a grammar with close to 1000 rules, because of which the
> size of
> the parser in C-Target is close to 8k. I was looking at the parser and
> it
> has a function pointer for each of my rule. This portion is not going
> to
> change for ever. So i was wondering, if there is a way to reset the
> parser
> and re-use it, instead of allocating and initializing it from scratch.
> I am
> trying to form something more specific to my project. In the meanwhile,
> i
> thought of asking, whether there is a easy way to do the same.
> Thanks,
> Gokul.
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