[antlr-interest] each keyword allowed as Identifier

Jim Idle jimi at temporal-wave.com
Wed Jan 6 08:32:59 PST 2010

Please search antlr.markmail.org for using keywords as identifiers and for the word 'poker' as there must now be about 50 people who have written ANTLR parsers for this! If someone would donate a parser to the ANTLR grammar list it would save a lot of people a lot of time, but I suggest it would not save most people money ;-)


id: ID | MIN | MAX | ...... etc ;

The use this instead of ID. I suspect though that these log files are easier to 'parse' in a manual fashion where you lex in context.


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> Hi,
> I try to parse a log file which probably was never intented to be
> parsed. It is an log file of an poker client. My problem is that there
> are nearly no constraints are existing for playernames.
> A playername could be a sequens of any charactor of the full unicode
> range. The only contraints are:
> min  length = 4
> max length = 12
> no leading or trailing white space
> white spaces in between are allowed, but never more than one in a row
> Here are some examples:
> Seat 9: The Player ( ($76 in chips)
> Where the Playername is  "The Player ("
> posts small:: posts small blind $2
> Where the Playername is "posts small:"
> I have no glue how to solve this problem. I already tried some stuff I
> found in the FAQs like:
> - syncing to the follow set (Article  Custom Syntax Error Recovery)
> which dosnt work if a token of the follow set is also part of the name
> - non greedy matching ( .+ to match the name)
> - a list of all tokens in the rule playername which dosnt work because
> the playername can consist not just of one token but an sequense of
> tokens
> Generelly it must be possible because out ther are severeal commercial
> tools which are able to parse these log files. So I hope somebody of
> you has an Idea.
> Thanks and regards,
> Christian
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