[antlr-interest] Doxygen errors when using the C Target with ANTLR

Heiko Folkerts Heiko.Folkerts at david-bs.de
Fri Jan 8 05:32:56 PST 2010

Hi all,
When I run doxygen over the code generated by ANTLR using the C target, I get the following error message in doxygen.log:

C:/Projekte/modelisar/trunk/src/TFSSParser/grammar/TFSSBaseParser.h:303: Warning: argument 'POinter' of command @param is not found in the argument list of TFSSBaseParser_tfs_SCOPE_struct::void(ANTLR3_CDECL *free)
C:/Projekte/modelisar/trunk/src/TFSSParser/grammar/TFSSBaseParser.h:303: Warning: The following parameters of TFSSBaseParser_tfs_SCOPE_struct::void(ANTLR3_CDECL *free) are not documented:
  parameter 'free'

I found a fitting place in c.stg and tried to fix the template to solve the problem, but in the generated code the errorneous code still exists. What have I made wrong? Any solution how to fix it?
The Code for the mentioned file TFSSBase.h is:
/** Function that the user may provide to be called when the
     *  scope is destroyed (so you can free pANTLR3_HASH_TABLES and so on)
     * \param POinter to an instance of this typedef/struct


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