[antlr-interest] Tree pattern maching using the C target

Marc Speyer m.y.speyer at inter.nl.net
Fri Jan 15 03:57:12 PST 2010

Hi all,

I have a similar issue using the C# target. Using the Cymbol.g example of
pattern 17 Symbol Table for Nested Scopes of the Language Implementation
Patterns book I could not get it to work because there is now downup method.
According to the documentation this method walks the AST code using ANTLR's
built-in downup( ) strategy. 

Am I correct assuming that this has not been implemented yet for the C#
target (as Jim implies in his response). Is it difficult to implement it
myself? I guess it would involve implementing the tree pattern matching

P.S. Hope this email files under the proper subject thread, and apologies in
advance if it isn't (Just subscribed to the mailing list but I could not
find out how to get previous posts from it)
> Pattern matcher or normal tree walker? The pattern stuff is not
implemented in the C target yet. 
> Jim
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>> Hi all,
>> I wrote al litle tree pattern matcher for a specific validation we need
>> in our grammar. ANTLR and the C compiler compile it all well but there
>> is now "downup" mehtod for running the matcher. Instead I only see our
>> own rules in the generated parser. So, is the method to run when using
>> a tree pattern macher in the C target different than ^"downup"? How to
>> run the matcher?
>> I tried to find an answer in the C examples but there was only a
>> treeparser and no tree pattern matcher.
>> Thx+
>> Heiko
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