[antlr-interest] Antlr StringTemplate version conflicts C#

pnicklas at freenet.de pnicklas at freenet.de
Wed Apr 25 03:53:48 PDT 2012

I use antlrworks 1.4.3 (with ANTLR 3.4) to generate the C# code for my grammars.
The using directives in the generated code are  "using Antlr3.ST;" and "using Antlr3.ST.language;", but this doesn't work with the newer "Antlr4.StringTemplate.dll", so I changed em to "using Antlr4.StringTemplate" etc. The problem is, that doesn't work, too. All StringTemplate types can not be found.
So when I use the old version of Antrl3.StringTemplate ( with the current version of Antlr3.Runtime (3.4), no compilation errors occure. But I get exceptions at running time, I think because of version conflicts?
Using version of StringTemplate and Antlr Runtime generates compilations error again.
So which dlls can I use to get ANTLR 3.4 working with C# and StringTemplate?

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