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Sam Harwell sam at tunnelvisionlabs.com
Wed Jul 11 13:13:00 PDT 2012

Generally, you'd have someone send you a signed consent form, separate from
the pull request itself, that covers "pull requests sent to the ANTLR
project from account ____" owned by that person. If you get a pull request
from someone who doesn't already have that agreement in place, send them a
message that you need the consent form before being able to consider the

Sam Harwell
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people are now submitting nice pull request to the ANTLR project software,
but I have to keep the license clean. That's why I used to accept things
through the feedback page:


or with the contributors license agreement. I submitted a feature request to
github to add such a license granting clause to the pull requests. they like
the idea, but I haven't heard back about implementation.

What if we set up a webpage similar to the feedback page (current text
enclosed at the bottom) with a text box where people can submit a URL to a
pull request, certifying the origin of the material in that pull request.
The name/username/email etc. would have to match.very messy.

As a result of the certificate of origin, I could automatically post a
comment to the pull request so that it somehow links the certificate.

Does anybody have any process or legal advice?


Submission certification of origin and rights

By hitting the submit button, you are warranting and representing that you
have the right to release this code or other content free of any obligations
to third parties and are granting Terence Parr and ANTLR project
contributors, henceforth referred to as The ANTLR Project, a license to
incorporate it into The ANTLR Project tools (such as ANTLRWorks and
StringTemplate) or related works under the BSD license. (For large new code
submissions or major new functionality, The ANTLR Project will ask you to
become an official ANTLR project contributor). You understand that The ANTLR
Project may or may not incorporate your submission and you warrant and
represent the following:
I created this submission. I am the author of all contributed work submitted
and further warrant and represent that such work is my original creation and
I have the right to license it to The ANTLR Project for release under the
BSD license. I hereby grant The ANTLR Project a nonexclusive, irrevocable,
royalty-free, worldwide license to reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative
works, and otherwise use this contribution as part of the ANTLR project,
associated documentation, books, and tools at no cost to The ANTLR Project.
I have the right to submit. This submission does not violate the rights of
any person or entity and that I have legal authority over this submission
and to make this certification.
If I violate another's rights, liability lies with me. I agree to defend,
indemnify, and hold The ANTLR Project and ANTLR users harmless from any
claim or demand, including reasonable attorney fees, made by any third party
due to or arising out of my violation of these terms and conditions or my
violation of the rights of another person or entity.
I have read this and do so certify

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