[antlr-interest] ANTLRWorks2

Mike Lischke mike at lischke-online.de
Thu Sep 20 23:49:05 PDT 2012

Hey Sam,

> I don't have a final answer regarding #1 and #3 for you at this time.
> I would love for #2 to happen (or to make ANTLRWorks an extension to the standard NetBeans environment), but NetBeans itself doesn't support a number of ANTLRWorks' features. ANTLRWorks 2 currently has 14 patches against the NetBeans 7.2 development source to address a number of issues and implement the necessary supporting features, and unfortunately these patches won't work as plugins.

is ANTLRWorks2 ready for use already? There are a number of odd things with version 1 (it freezes often etc), which I hope are gone with v2.


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