[antlr-interest] ANTLR.org search being developed by grad student

Joan Pujol joanpujol at gmail.com
Sun Sep 5 10:21:47 PDT 2004

> 1. do you really want to get answers for ANTLR that are out of date?
> So, how far back in time should I put up on the net?  Should I put it
> all up and then add a "date" field to the search?
Possibly an option to order the result by dates (like search in google groups).
This days I have been using Lucene ( a jakarta apache java library to
index and search documents). I haven't used it a lot but it's very
nice and easy. And I think that you can modify the score function to
put more score on newer messages using a date field when you index

> 2. Should we just import into gmane?  Doesn't this just propagate the
> problem that someday that site will go away and I'll have to find
> another solution?  Seems like I should find a simple means of
> displaying the email messages at antlr.org and then add the mail to the
> search db.  I certainly like being in absolute control of my destiny
> and data ;)
Well, possibly a solution using lucene or your student aplication is
better than gname.
Or posibly not, I don't know how gname works.

> 3. Email addresses are all over the archives, which is a drag to
> expose, but you'll note that your addresses are all already exposed on
> the yahoogroups web pages.  So, i'm not sure this a "problem".
For me is a very, very big problem. Expose emails is a lot of SPAM.
And Yahoo don't expose the emails if you are not logged and subscribed
to the list.
For example your mail is displayed <parrt at c...> when I am not logged.
I think that before putting the mailbox in some documentation archive
a little Perl script have to do some regexp work in the emails.

And I want to say, that the mailing list archive, will be very useful
for the newbies to antlr like me.


Joan Jesús Pujol Espinar

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