[antlr-interest] antlr / stringtemplate wiki are up

Terence Parr parrt at cs.usfca.edu
Tue Aug 16 12:35:24 PDT 2005


I've got the confluence-based antlr/StringTemplate wikis up:


As an anonymous user you can view but that's it.  If you want to add  
or edit or comment etc... you must have register.  We have a 200 user  
limit; when we hit the limit, I'll deactivate people that have been  
inactive for a while so don't worry about wasting a user. ;)

It is connected to mysql (which I'll need to figure out how to  
backup) and the smtp server seems to be working with it as well.

Later I will probably add JIRA usage.  :)

So, add as you can.  Please do not create any new wiki spaces; just  
add pages.  *THINK* before adding things as it may be hard to  
reorganize once things have been created.  Think about the  
organization etc..

Ok, now I turn my attention to release 2.7.6....

CS Professor & Grad Director, University of San Francisco
Creator, ANTLR Parser Generator, http://www.antlr.org
Cofounder, http://www.jguru.com

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