[antlr-interest] New "parsenügen" marketing slogan? ;)

Terence Parr parrt at cs.usfca.edu
Wed Mar 14 11:12:48 PDT 2007

On Mar 14, 2007, at 11:10 AM, Bernhard Schmalhofer wrote:

> Terence Parr schrieb:
>> Howdy, talking to the mysql guys on the phone, I mentioned that v3  
>> would give them a more pleasant parsing experience...then  
>> "parsenügen" popped into my head. ;)  Ha!  I have no idea what  
>> parsing is in German, but "parsen" sounds German. ;)
>> Will Volkswagen sue me over "Fahrvergnügen"? ;)
>> Should it be "parsenügen" or "parsen-nügen" or "parsennügen"?
> In German it would be "Parsevergnügen" , meaning the pleasure of  
> finishing Parser writing
> way before the deadline.

ha hah ha! :)  Cool.  For the english audience (mainly those who saw  
the Volkswagen commercials), I wonder if parsenugen would be  
"clever" (and funny most of all).


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