[antlr-interest] New "parsenügen" marketing slogan? ;)

Martin Probst mail at martin-probst.com
Thu Mar 15 01:47:13 PDT 2007


>> In German it would be "Parsevergnügen" , meaning the pleasure of  
>> finishing Parser writing
>> way before the deadline.
> ha hah ha! :)  Cool.  For the english audience (mainly those who  
> saw the Volkswagen commercials), I wonder if parsenugen would be  
> "clever" (and funny most of all).

Parsevergnügen sounds great. However act with care - I remember a  
lawsuit by competitors against an English producer of kitchens. He  
was sued - in England - because he picked "German-sounding" names and  
illegitimately gave the impression that his kitches were of German  
quality (whatever that is, nowadays...). I don't know whether he  
lost, though :-)


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