[stringtemplate-interest] SttingTemplate language editor

Rabea Gransberger rgransberger at gmx.de
Sun May 18 11:04:18 PDT 2008


I started writing an eclipse plugin for ST syntax highlighting, outline 
and maybe more. But I would like to wait for a release of ST which uses 
two grammars instead of one 
so that it is possible to have an AST for a file. It's to difficult to 
continue with the plugin without an AST. Until now it has some basic 
highlighting and an outline (which works not so very well at all).

Have you tried out this one? 


Simon May schrieb:
> I have been using ST for a code generation for a couple of years now and have amassed many hundreds of templates in groups running to thousands of lines. Best thing since sliced bread compared with the old ways of doing things (asp model generators like codsmith). These group files are big and complicated and editing with the equivilent of notepad sucks. Often a small syntax error can really mess me up for hours trying to find it. Does anyone have or know of an editor with some intelligence that can help me out. 
> Thanks in advance

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