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Support StringTemplate, ANTLR Project by making a donation! Terence often pays for things like the antlr.org server, conference travel, and this site design (that alone cost US$1000). Buy him a beer and pizza remotely ;)


ANTLR Project Credits

If I forgot you or somebody else you know, please send me mail so I can correct this page! I apologize in advance.

Terence Parr (parrt at cs.usfca.edu)
Project Lead and Supreme Dictator for Life. Professor at the University of San Franciso.


Terence Parr. Supreme dictator; lead designer and ANTLR core software including adaptive LL(*) analysis algorithm. Terence manages the Java target.

Sam Harwell. Sam works closely with Terence on the software and has made real contributions to the general architecture, analysis algorithm, and runtime (design/implementation). He also plans on doing the C# and C++ targets.


Terence Parr. ANTLR 3.0 core software including LL(*) algorithm.

Jean Bovet. ANTLRWorks GUI Development environment.

Sriram Srinivasan. Feedback and general discussions on LL(*) algorithm.

Kay Roepke. General discussions on ANTLR.

Loring Craymer, Monty Zukowski, John Mitchell, and Ric Klaren. Active discussions of 3.0 functionality including trees (some ideas taken from Loring's 2.8e extensions) and attribute mechanism.

Jen-Yuan Leon Su. gUnit grammar unit testing.

Active target authors.

ANTLR interest list. Always excellent feedback and ideas from the user community.

Others. Matt Benson converted all my unit tests to use junit. Also big help on Ant file and Tool.java goodies.


Terence Parr. Coder and tireless enforcer of strict model-view separation. Implementor and co-designer.

Tom Burns. Co-designer.

v4 Ports: Sam Harwell C#, Benjamin Niemann Python, Alan Condit Objective-C.

v3 stuff: I would like to acknowledge the authors of the ST C# port, Michael Jordan and Kunle Odutola, and the authors of ST Python port, Marq Kole and Luis Leal. Jim Idle co-designed the group interfaces. Ric Klaren co-designed template regions. John Snyders provided a useful implementation of the format option and sends in awesome bug fixes. Caleb Lyness fixed the tests to work properly on windows. John Mitchell, Loring Craymer, Monty Zukowski, Matthew Ford, and Sriram Srinivasan have provided very useful feedback and lots of ideas as have the many ST and ANTLR users.


Anatol Pomozov. Anatol created our github presence and helped me learn the ropes with git/github.

Software Support

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Confluence wiki and Jira bug tracking software.


University of San Francisco. Internet pipe. Nice office for supreme dictator Terence overlooking the Pacific Ocean.