Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
antlr3.ANTLRFileStreamCharStream that opens a file to read the data
antlr3.ANTLRInputStreamCharStream that reads data from a file-like object
antlr3.ANTLRStringStreamCharStream that pull data from a unicode string
antlr3.BacktrackingFailedRaised to signal failed backtrack attempt
antlr3.BaseRecognizerCommon recognizer functionality
antlr3.tree.BaseTreeWarnings.warn( "Using create() is deprecated, use createWithPayload()", DeprecationWarning, stacklevel=2 )
antlr3.tree.BaseTreeAdaptorA TreeAdaptor that works with any Tree implementation
antlr3.CharStreamA source of characters for an ANTLR lexer
antlr3.ClassicTokenAlternative token implementation
antlr3.tree.CommonErrorNodeA node representing erroneous token range in token stream
antlr3.CommonTokenBasic token implementation
antlr3.CommonTokenStreamThe most common stream of tokens
antlr3.tree.CommonTreeA tree node that is wrapper for a Token object
antlr3.tree.CommonTreeAdaptorA TreeAdaptor that works with any Tree implementation
antlr3.tree.CommonTreeNodeStreamA buffered stream of tree nodes
antlr3.DeleteOpInternal helper class
antlr3.EarlyExitExceptionThe recognizer did not match anything for a (
antlr3.FailedPredicateExceptionA semantic predicate failed during validation
antlr3.InsertBeforeOpInternal helper class
antlr3.IntStreamBase interface for streams of integer values
antlr3.LexerBaseclass for generated lexer classes
antlr3.MismatchedNotSetExceptionUsed for remote debugger deserialization
antlr3.MismatchedRangeExceptionThe next token does not match a range of expected types
antlr3.MismatchedSetExceptionThe next token does not match a set of expected types
antlr3.MismatchedTokenExceptionA mismatched char or Token or tree node
antlr3.MismatchedTreeNodeExceptionThe next tree mode does not match the expected type
antlr3.MissingTokenExceptionWe were expecting a token but it's not found
antlr3.NoViableAltExceptionUnable to decide which alternative to choose
antlr3.ParserBaseclass for generated parser classes
antlr3.ParserRuleReturnScopeRules that return more than a single value must return an object containing all the values
antlr3.RecognitionExceptionThe root of the ANTLR exception hierarchy
antlr3.RecognizerSharedStateThe set of fields needed by an abstract recognizer to recognize input and recover from errors etc
antlr3.ReplaceOpInternal helper class
antlr3.tree.RewriteCardinalityExceptionBase class for all exceptions thrown during AST rewrite construction
antlr3.tree.RewriteEarlyExitExceptionNo elements within a (
antlr3.tree.RewriteEmptyStreamExceptionRef to ID or expr but no tokens in ID stream or subtrees in expr stream
antlr3.RewriteOperationInternal helper class
antlr3.tree.RewriteRuleElementStreamInternal helper class
antlr3.tree.RewriteRuleNodeStreamQueues up nodes matched on left side of -> in a tree parser
antlr3.tree.RewriteRuleSubtreeStreamInternal helper class
antlr3.tree.RewriteRuleTokenStreamInternal helper class
antlr3.RuleReturnScopeRules can return start/stop info as well as possible trees and templates
antlr3.TokenAbstract token baseclass
antlr3.TokenRewriteStreamCommonTokenStream that can be modified
antlr3.TokenSourceAbstract baseclass for token producers
antlr3.TokenStreamA stream of tokens accessing tokens from a TokenSource
antlr3.tree.TreeAbstract baseclass for tree nodes
antlr3.tree.TreeAdaptorAbstract baseclass for tree adaptors
antlr3.tree.TreeNodeStreamA stream of tree nodes
antlr3.tree.TreeParserBaseclass for generated tree parsers
antlr3.treewizard.TreePatternWhen using label:TOKENNAME in a tree for parse(), we must track the label
antlr3.treewizard.TreePatternTreeAdaptorThis adaptor creates TreePattern objects for use during scan()
antlr3.tree.TreeRuleReturnScopeThis is identical to the ParserRuleReturnScope except that the start property is a tree nodes not Token object when you are parsing trees
antlr3.tree.TreeVisitorDo a depth first walk of a tree, applying pre() and post() actions we go
antlr3.treewizard.TreeWizardBuild and navigate trees with this object
antlr3.UnwantedTokenExceptionAn extra token while parsing a TokenStream

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